Saturday, March 19, 2011


What a week ... culminating in the fact that my calf seized up again today. So crazy since I ran 9 on Thursday without even a twinge. The good news is, I had an already scheduled sports massage with the amazing Jenny so I just stopped at the half way point on the team run. That said, Jenny said the calf was actually in better shape than two weeks ago, which is good news overall but still annoying today.

Special thanks to J Liz Rad for letting me shower at their house since it would have been a much less enjoyable day in the city carrying around the stink. When the team was all at Marathon Sports today enjoying our 20% off team discount, it was a little ripe.

So sushi and three beers later, I am ready to go to bed, even though the biggest full moon in the last 18 years is going to be out tonight. But what I am going to do? Stand on the front stoop and look at it with Mr. Smith? Zoe's not even here.

I know, I know, a little bit of a pity party here, but it's been a really long week. Is it wrong for a 45 year old woman to just walk out on her job? I really really want to. It would give me great pleasure. And of course, serve them right : )

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  1. running is like a roller coaster ride, keep it up though Anne!! love you!