Sunday, August 14, 2011

I swear I didn't lie

When I was in line yesterday waiting to pick up my number, I chatted with this lovely woman who had come from Albany to run with her fiance. She was probably a couple of years older than me and she told me she was in the grey corral. I said I was in orange, not knowing what that meant.

When I arrived in Woods Hole this morning, I had to ask after I realized the orange corral was the 2nd start time. Did that mean that they were giving the slow pokes a head start? I asked one of the officials, and she said "no, honey, that means you are fast."

What makes me fast? I can't remember which race time I used on the application but I am assuming it was Hyannis or James Joyce or the Marathon or something, none of which made me feel particularly fast at the time since there were many people ahead of me and I didn't even place in my age group at any of those.

I was particularly nervous going to Falmouth this weekend because a) I haven't been training at all ... maybe running once or twice a week, b) because it's freaking August and it's hot and humid all the time and I have been so slow this summer and c) I biked 50 miles (a distance I haven't even gotten close to this summer) with the TIR's on Friday so I wasn't sure how the legs would hold up.

Today was actually awesome. I ran into many people I know now through running - a Children's Hospital Team member, TIR's, friends of friends I have met at other events and I even saw Teddy Bruschi a number of times. The race was fun - cloudy, breezy and hilly and if I had been training and better prepared mentally, I could have rocked it, though I did achieve my goal which was to break an hour.

7.1 is a weird distance: when I hit the 10K marker and my Nike + was still at 5.5, I just laughed. I caught up to my friend Jimmy, who actually started in the wave 5 minutes behind me, at mile 6 and he said he was on pace and I should just keep going. I said I was "all over the place" and all over pace, so I ended up about 10 yards behind him for the rest of the race . Thank God he was there because I don't know how I would have finished without a rabbit - I had passed my first one on the last downhill : )

It was a great weekend. I exercised and ate tons - ice cream every day - and did some work and slept badly and just did it. I have to get out more ...