Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

I have been reading so many blogs of late and realized it was time to commit to the fact that in less than 8 hours it will be 2013. So crazy in so many ways. Highlights of 2012: 1. Captaining not one, but two running teams to really great success. The Shock Top Shufflers dominated the TIR Grand Prix series from the beginning ... and it had very little to do with me. So proud of the team showing up more than everyone else's and for those of us who earned extra points doing marathons, wahoo!! My friend Nick is a rockstar runner. And for Reach the Beach in May, D's Divas rocked it out. Van 1 was so fast and furious, those of us in Van 2 had to get up earlier than expected! What an amazing 30+ hours with all of you.
2. The Chicago Marathon - loved every minute of it except when I wanted to die. PR and BQ of 3:51:03 ... who would have thought. Marathon #5 will be Dublin, Ireland. Wahoo. 3. Seattle and the Couv with the girls, their guys, the best travel companion in the world, miss Emma Jane, to see our friend Katie arrive after RIDING HER BIKE ACROSS THE COUNTRY. I am in awe - and will be forever.
4. Lots of fun times in NYC, St. Thomas and just hanging around Dedham with a guy who made me feel special. 5. Oh, and I had the SAME JOB all year! That's a first in a while. And what for 2013? Running races every weekend in February ... why?!?? Because I can. The MS Cape Cod Getaway. Just me and Fisher on the roads from Quincy to Provincetown in June ... oh yeah and the 100's of other bikers riding to cure MS. A cruise to Halifax with Emma and the cousins. And a trip to Dublin with the TIRs and hopefully some of the girls as well. So fun. And now to change into that cute outfit I have planned in my head to eat sushi and see some comedy and ring in 2013. I am a lucky girl.