Friday, July 1, 2011


Tomorrow, I will be 46. It's a boring birthday because it's more than 1/2 way to 50, but still on the lower end. To celebrate, I am helping the TIRs run the Four on the 4th event in Dedham ... it's going to be fun. Sally and Emma are riding in the lead car. I am NOT running, but acting as course marshall and photographer. Lots of fun.

So I have had my tattoo for 9 years now ... crazy to think about. Since I got it, I have gotten a divorce; bought and sold a house; run 3 marathons; done a sprint tri-athalon and an overnight relay; changed jobs 5 times in a down economy; and some how managed to keep almost 60 pounds off my 5' 1" frame. WOW. Looking at it like that is pretty cool.

Emma is awesome ... I am a lucky Mom. She's a 5th grade graduate and already taking a middle school prep classes. She's smart, funny, and ridiculously popular. I am so proud.

At almost 46, I am healthier than ever. "Happiness" still alludes me ... never know if it is real or not. Daily life is an utter disaster on some days and completely awesome on others. I led a WW meeting today for the first time in over year and had a member come and thank me. What a great feeling.

Happy Birthday to me. I look forward to a great day.