Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am a runner

I just ran for the first time since last Saturday (Monday's Tufts 10K doesn't count because I was in a serious coma). I thought of all of you while I ran my 6.5 miles ...

Anella, our hostess with the mostest, for reminding me to look down and around only 10 feet on hill. Ashley, Ashley and Becca, my friends who kept me laughing as hard as my friends in the office, Jess, Katie, and Becca. Glenn Coco, for driving me to and from and for driving all of us through the day and night. Uncle Ray, for being a more intense runner than I am. Christy and Jim, for smiling the whole time. Ben, for an amazing finish. And the New York bunch, Eric, Wendy and Emily, for making my first trip to a horse track fabulous.

It wasn't the same without screaming 252 as I came down my hill to finish, but now that I am back to my "old self", I know I will never be the same : )