Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Post Event Stress Syndrome

I don't know, but it is so weird to me that 9 days ago I accomplished something that most people will never do in their entire lives and yet, here I sit, in my cube, doing my day job and trying to figure out what's next. 3:51:03 baby ... I rocked Chicago and Chicago rocked me. It was a great race despite the death moments between miles 17 and 22 ish ... but that's the fun of marathoning. Truth be told, I had too much fun during miles 1 through 16. My pace group wasn't that well organized and we were all going faster than the 8:35 miles we needed to do to be consistent for 26.2. I ran with a 42 year old lawyer named Ro for the better part of the first 18 miles. She has 2 kids, an active boyfriend and a professional athlete for an ex husband. We hit the 1/2 way point right around her office and she said she had told people to look out for her but of course we were early!!!!! The man friend made it to the start which was AWESOME and a first for me to have someone there who is there just for me. He also was at 2 other points but foiled by traffic to be at the end, but considering how little I remember of the finish, I probably wouldn't have seen him. Thanks CB!!! It was AMAZING to see you right before mile 20 and definitely a reason to keep moving. I have felt great since the 7th. The training/recovery/sleep/eat combo I followed really worked for me and that is another great success. I still want to run and do boot camp and keep a "regular schedule" rather than a training one. That's going to the tough part ... staying motivated but not getting psycho. What's that like? Another new experience for me :D Thank you to all my blog supporters ... I will attempt to be more regular and more interesting from now on.

Monday, October 1, 2012

5 : 19 : 32 : 35

Countdown continues ... Chicago here I come. It's been quite the year so far and since I decided to do this marathon somewhere around February 1st, I have been training, mentally as well as physically for 9 months or so which is crazy. I feel ready and that's the scary part. How can you ever be ready for something like this? Because I have worked hard ... trained hard ... behaved myself and taken care of myself. Eaten pretty well, exercised a lot, despite the fact that my Activelink only says 91% effort. It's going to be great and I can't wait.