Saturday, March 12, 2011

18 miles down, 8.2 to go

After last Saturday's debacle, having to stop running at mile 4 of an 18-miler, I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to run today, but I did.

Tessa, a woman from Duxbury on the Children's team, was with me through mile 17 but then she had energy and I didn't. The wind was bad and we were coming back through the Newton Hills. I looked at my Nike + band and I was at a 10:53 pace ... I think I walk faster than that.

The great news is, I did it. Pink compression sleeves on my calves intact. 9 minute mile average. All good. And now, I have surpassed my second fundraising goal. First it was $2000, then, $3500. Can I make $4000? The next few weeks, well 5 weeks and a day to be exact, will tell. I think I can. I would like to.

More important than all of this is that last I heard, Sally was going back to school on Monday. She and Emma had a great visit last Sunday evening ... so cute together and so real ... something only 10 year olds can be. Adults on the other hand, often not-so-real.

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