Thursday, October 7, 2010

Senior Manager, Traffic, Fulfillment, and Production

Pretty impressive huh? Especially considering that my last title was Account Executive and before that it was Packaging Specialist.

My first week at Uno Chicago Grill has been awesome. Nothing less. My boss is great, enough crazy to keep her interesting, but knows her stuff. Her boss seems genuinely convinced that I am a capable, responsible adult capable of accomplishing great things ... odd I know.

After two days in the Waltham location, expediting for lunch, taking the food class the new servers take, and then spending the next day in the front of the house with the managers, I realized how much more interesting my life can be. Back in the office, there's never a dull moment, and thanks goes to Joe Sengotta who taught me the phrase "help me help you".

I have ideas, and plans, and things I want to accomplish ... maybe I needed the last 7 months of total tedium and boredom to appreciate that.