Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bad week

It started on Monday around 7:45 when I got the first call at work that there was an error on a menu ... my bad totally, but I hate that. Tuesday night I left my cell at work overnight which was probably a good thing in the long term but at the time, I was annoyed. Wednesday was a typical hump day when I heard from a friend that I am no longer friends with which is a good and a bad thing I suppose. Thursday night was when I first felt my calf tighten up during a 7 mile run in Hyde Park and Milton during which I got slightly lost and panicky. Friday was interesting as I went on a job interview in the middle of the day. Not sure exactly how I feel about that. And then today, I fell while turning onto the sidewalk just outside Wellesley and then a short time later, my calf screamed at me. I don't think the two moments were related, but after walking about a mile back toward my car, a nice man who was dropping off his shirts offered me a ride back to my car which was still 3 miles away.

I am icing, resting, compressing, and elevating though not really in that order and I know it will be fine, but it still doesn't make me feel any better. The marathon is 6 weeks from Monday which the coaches pointed out this morning right before they said don't run through pain at this point since it's close. It's all going to be fine and probably great, but there are some points when I wish it was just easier, but then would I be bored? Will I ever be satisfied? Hard to say and I will never know as I will always be wondering what is coming next.

A little extra free time this weekend is a good thing, but now my head will run wild since my body didn't. : (

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