Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time is flying - only 47 days left

So I ran 16 miles with the MGH team on Saturday and then got the stomach flu ... so not fun. Today was a good day though. A donation from a woman I haven't spoken to in years but am Linked In with donated $50 to my page which means I have surpassed the $3000 commitment to fundraising for MGH. I am really proud. 

The physical commitment is of course huge, but having to raise funds has been more daunting given the current economy. I think I did a good job of reaching out, without being harassing and email is a life saver. 

I am paying attention to a lot of quotes I see these days ... helping me keep focused:

"There's nothing quite like your first marathon. The adrenaline just flows." ~ Sister Marion Irvine

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  1. wooooo hoooooo!! Congrats on making your goal. That's fab.