Sunday, March 8, 2009

Heartbreak Hill

I ran with Michael and Cara yesterday for the 12 miles through the Newton Hills. Being a marathon novice, I followed along, knowing the streets from TV as well as driving myself around there back in the day when I lived out there, enjoying the beautiful sunny day. As we were almost at mile 11, I asked "Which one is Heartbreak?" Michael and Cara both pointed to the hill directly in front of us ... still there to climb.

They went up ahead of me and I took it, one step at a time. I thought about what it will be like in 6 weeks after 17 miles  before it, and then I reached the top. The good thing about going up hills, is that more often than not, you get to run down on the other side and enjoy the ride. Who knows what it will be like on April 20th? Certainly not me. 

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