Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just wow

So I am on the Acela on the way to the big Apple reading all these food and running blogs that I follow and I realize it's been almost 4 months since I posted. WHAT?!?!?! How is that possible? So much has happened but not seemed blog worthy? No, that's not possible. I actually thought last night as I was buying 4 bags of ice at Terri's Market for my inaugural ice bath - and I needed it because I had been shooting a bat mitzvah in heels all day, not because I had put on serious mileage, just want to be clear about that. Anyway, I digress. I thought to myself, "I may have taken on too much." Now, for those of you who know me, that doesn't happen very often. Actually, I can't remember if I have ever actually articulated the thought. So here it goes ... my list. This is what I have done in the last month which, though busy, probably wasn't the busiest of the year, but maybe it was. I have lost track in my old age. Today is September 9, 10 days from Emma's 13th birthday which may or may not turn out to be one of the scariest days of my life, so since August 9th, I have done the following: August 10th: rode my bike 50 miles along the Cape Cod bike path with TIRs August 12th: ran Falmouth Road Race finishing as the top woman from Dedham - WTF? August 24th - August 31: took Emma to Seattle and Vancouver with my great friends Jess and LC and their great men, Nick and Jason, to meet our great friend Katie, who HAD BIKED ACROSS the country - see, really I am a slacker :)
Oh, and while in Seattle I ran 18 miles in the glorious, not humid, 70 degree weather at 8:32 pace average. You know what that means? In Chicago, I can actually hit 3 hours and 45 minutes. A nice feeling. We flew back on the red eye for Saturday morning, September 1st. Seriously, September, already? How is that possible. Katie left Portsmouth, NH on June 23rd, the day I was in NYC watching Camille's friend Nial swim around Manhattan - all 28.5 miles of it. HOW CAN IT BE SEPTEMBER? How can Emma be in 7th grade? How is it possible that I will be done with Chicago Marathon 4 weeks from today when I signed up for it in February. This morning I got out of bed when my alarm went off at 4:44. I know weird time to se it for, but it seemed right. I did my morning ablutions and then went for a 10+ mile run in the drizzle. Oh yeah, side note: on Labor Day, I did my 20-miler running from my house in Dedham through Hyde Park and JP and to Berkeley Street behind Back Bay station and back. It WAS NOT pretty. Well, the first 10 were. Back 10, not so much. But the good news is, I am TAPERING. For those of you who have trained for a big event, this is the greatest and scariest word in any plan, but I am going to do it and do it well. Then, because I knew I would be in town to shoot Caroline's bat mitzvah, I had signed up to host the TIR fun run. I had diligently plotted 5K, 5M, and 10M runs. I was so psyched when I only had to accomplish the 5 miler. Great to run with others ... and the coffee and bagels after helped. And now, a week in NYC, seeing the "man friend", working out of the NY office, and running ... 3 days. And some yoga with friends. WOW. Just wow.

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