Friday, February 20, 2009


So I was beating myself up yesterday morning as I walked out of the house in the rain and my dress pants, which by the way, I never wear, dragged into a puddle. I was mostly upset because I had made some snarky comments to a colleague at work the night before about tucking her pants into her rain boots. Clearly I was being taught a lesson.

Then, on the commuter rail, I sat next to a newbie, who kept thinking we were at Back Bay station even though we hadn't stopped at Ruggles yet. I had to keep saying, "I too am getting off at Back Bay ..." Finally, she couldn't stay seated any longer and we both stood in the aisle for 2 minutes as we came into the station. And as many of you know, that is one of my commuting pet peeves. Where do these people think they are going to go when the train is still moving?

Then, as I was coming out of the station, I saw some money falling to the ground. I leaned over and started to pick it up and asked the woman rifling through her bag "Excuse me Ma'am, did you drop some money?" "No, I didn't" she said as she bent down and picked up the bills and handed them to me. I walked up the stairs looking to see if anyone was looking around as if they lost something, got to the top, saw no one, so I shoved the money into my pocket.

Stopped at the Starbucks on the corner for my venti latte and pulled the money out to put it in my wallet and when I unfolded the bills, it was 4 ones and 1 $100 bill. Yes, peeps, a Benjamin. I quietly put it away, went to work and sent an email to my friends, including the one I had made remarks to the night before, and invited them all for a 3 pm coffee break. It was a an excellent day ... 

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