Monday, January 12, 2009

The Next President

I saw Obama and his daughters at the Newseum in DC on Saturday. He was there to do an interview with George Stephanopolous and the girls did a tour of the museum. As most of you know, I am fairly apolitical, but this was very exciting even for a slacker like me. Michelle was not with the family so I didn't get to check out her outfit. This photo would have been much better if I had brought my big camera with me, but oh well ...

The last time I was in DC was probably 20 years ago so I actually "learned a lot". I did go to the Richard Avedon show at the Corcoran Gallery and saw two guys I know from Boston who he shot a portrait of in 2004. They had a great family portrait with their daughter. I am going to have to track them down and see what it was like to be photographed by one of the greats. Also saw many old documents and statues and ran 9 miles around the monuments .... very productive and historical.

One of the most powerful experiences—other than being across the hall from the next President—was looking at the coverage of 9/11. We all dealt with the trauma of that differently and to be honest, my personal life was in chaos so at the time, I couldn't watch any of the coverage. I was barely taking care of myself and Emma wasn't quite 2. The photos, the descriptions and the videos that were presented were thoughtful in an intense way.

Next time I go to the nation's capital, I'll bring Emma. She's at the right age to start understanding all this stuff ... scary, but true. But maybe a nice beach vacation first.

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  1. Hey, good for you for keeping us all motivated to pay attention to Obama. I worry that now that the election is over -- and our candidate won -- many of the change lovers would stop paying attention. Don't let us get lazy!