Thursday, January 29, 2009

It isn't always easy being me...

Today I took a personal day from my day job because I had so many other things to do that I couldn't possible spend the day in the office. The main reason I took it off was because I had an appointment with a new neurologist at noon and didn't know how long it would take so I took the day. But, my last WW at Work meeting for this session was this morning and I didn't want to get a sub so I went into the office from 8:30 until about 10:45 to get that done, and of course, chat with friends about the Twilight books. The great news is I think that many of my WW girls are going to continue into the next session which makes my WW bosses happy.

Went to the nice neurologist, she was really cool. Has a sense of humor which my last one didn't. The good news is all looks the same. The bad news is, the only way to make sure, is to spend some time in a MRI tube - about 3 1/2 hours total next Friday afternoon ... oh well, more time out of the office. 

Then I stopped by ATK since it was across the street and chatted with my old peeps. It was so good to see my friends Henrietta, Daniel J., Lauren, Andy, Guy, and Jess and everyone. People are married and pregnant and they were many new faces, but then again, I realized as I walked out, I left 2 years and 4 months ago. 

And then, it was time for the long run of the week. Because I am running a 10K road race on Sunday, I can't do my long run with the group. And because it snowed/rained/sleeted and was a snow day for Emma yesterday, I didn't get to do it then on my telework day. I ran 12.02 miles in 1:41:17 and yes, I ran outside, on the roads. There were a few icy patches, but overall, with the exception of the drivers who just weren't looking in front of them, it was awesome! I actually even made a water stop at my vet's office which was fairly entertaining. And the best part, when I got home a little before 5, it was STILL LIGHT OUT! What's better than that?

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