Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spoke to Siri today

So it has finally happened. I got the iPhone. I thought I wasn't due for an early upgrade until March 2012 but when my Berry, which I truly loved started eating batteries, I decided it was time.

So here I am. Typing on a tiny keyboard while my work computer reboots. To be honest, I could probably do most of my job right here on my phone. That's how cool the phone is and how easy my job is. Funny really.

Siri helped me get to Staples today to buy one last gift. She had helped me get to Walpole for a run on Sunday too but I hadn't asked her. Mapquest just started talking to me which was nice. I am trying not to be a junkie about it but it's hard because its so fun. I am a little obsessive about cleaning the screen though. This too shall pass.

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