Friday, January 1, 2010

Things I am not afraid of anymore

2009 was an amazing year ... I did things I never thought I would ...

• Be a Mom to the smartest, most talented, already hormonal (even though her pediatrician says it'll be two more years), greatest 10-year old, Emma

• Visit Washington, DC, Camden, ME, Bellows Falls, VT, Nassau, Bahamas, Lexington, KY, Charlottesville, VA, Chicago, IL, and Milwaukee, WI, for all kinds of fun

• Run 26.2 miles in 4:07:32 ... thanks to Juliette and Rachel and ALL my friends and family who were there along the way from Hopkinton to Boston

• Stand in front of people and sing a rendition of the song "These are a Few of My Favorite Things", do a strip tease down to my size 4 jeans, and actually help people on their own personal weight-loss, aka life, journeys

• Run in the Inaugural Urban Epic Tri and swim at Carson Beach with Ginger Martini, aka Jess and Katie (and Nick and Molly)

• Run in the middle of the night during the Inaugural Bourbon Chase ... thanks to the funniest and most supportive teammates on the planet: Anella, Glenn, Ashley, Ashley and Becca

• Run to and from 86 Durham through Boston (20 miles) by myself on Christmas Day in 30 degree weather

• Stay gainfully employed despite the constant urge to quit and become a Starbucks barista ... thanks to the laughter and love of RAH, KEP, LC, and J LIZ ...

Who knows what I will do in 2010?

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