Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday nights

They are the hardest ... I get all worked up about what is going to happen in the upcoming week and I get frustrated about what I didn't accomplish over the weekend. Doesn't make for a very restful night's sleep.

I will have completed the Phoenix Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in six weeks' time ... absurd since I just decided to do it about three weeks ago. The long runs are going well but I am not getting the short runs in during the week. Two trips to Chicago in the last two weeks has made it difficult to get runs in every couple of days. The good news is, the long runs are going well. The bad news is at the moment it hurts to walk since my calf locked up yesterday at mile 4 of a 5 miler and I can't get it to relax, despite many icings and even heat over night.

I am inspired by the twenty-somethings I met in Kentucky who are training for Disney the second Sunday of January. And I saw that Alyssa may run NY again ... that's amazing. Running keeps me sane ...

I am sad that my friends Jess and Katie will not be in the office with me tomorrow to keep me laughing as I feel this might be a very serious week on a lot of levels.

More to come.

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