Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The best day

Yesterday was a great day. I ran the freaking Boston Marathon and I did in 4:07:32! I finished 17003 out of 23162 overall entrants and 6239 out of 9432 women. Not too shabby. 

I ran with Juliette and Rachel again. When we turned into the Newton Hills, Rachel ran ahead and finished at 4:02—and you remember of course that she is 18 and 6 feet tall. Kathleen, Juliette's friend has joined us in Wellesley and she and Juliette finished about 10 minutes behind me. The best part of the whole thing was when anyone, but of course especially people I knew, yelled my name, I got to smile. That neon yellow fabric paint that Emma and Leo suggested really worked. It was amazing when I came around the corner from Hereford to Boylston and Emma was there yelling my name and waving a sign. I went up and hugged her, squeezed her really, and told her how much I love her. It was great. And the texts, and calls, and friends along the route ... I am so lucky.

And the better news is, I never have to do it again, not because I can't, and yes, I can walk forward down stairs today, but because there is no reason to. It was a great experience, something I will never forget and I accomplished something that I never thought possible, but there's no need to top it. There are so many other challenges out there: I can't wait to find one as interesting and fabulous as this one was.

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  1. Well it took several weeks probably for my WHAHOOO Anne's to work their way down to Boston from Maine but here they are anyway: GO GIRL!!!!

    So proud of you and especially like that you've "been there, done that" with this experience. There are very few perfect moments in life and it sounds like this was one of them.

    Missing you.